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Welcome to Penarik Inn!



The location of Penarik inn faces the South China Sea view overlooking the beautiful island of Pulau Perhentian, Redang Island, Pulau Bidong and many more. Island in Terengganu is famous for its beauty and uniqueness of the coral rocks, white sand, clear water and marine life.Penarik inn is 60km away from Kuala Terengganu , 50km from the airport, and  it is an alternative route to the coast to Kelantan. Setiu River that flows along the 8km to Kuala Setiu and its location located at the rear of Penarik Inn. This is very unique as the combination of the geographical ground is define as something rare, the sea is infront of Penarik and the river is at the back of Penarik inn. 

Conrad Hilton once said, "WHAT THREE THINGS MADE A GREAT HOTEL” and replying "LOCATION, LOCATION and LOCATION". And Lord Forte said ‘LOCATION, MANAGEMENT, MANAGEMENT'. For almost 20 years, Penarik Inn is becoming known not only by domestic tourists but even abroad as well.

Penarik Inn is located in Kampung Penarik, Setiu district of northern Terengganu. Every year, Penarik Inn received a visit from the cyclists from around the world. That includes cyclist from United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and many more. Giving preferential treatment to the visitors,Penarik Inn give comfort to the customer and treat them like family as a tradition which has run down from generations to generations. 

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Earth Day Carnival 20.03.2012!

Hye lovely customer,

Penarik Inn together with Turtle Conservation Centre, Terrapuri Resort and PEWANIS stands for Persatuan Wanita Setiu planning to organize Earth day Carnival!

On the 20 April 2012, Friday we will have a lot of activies such planting Ketapang tree, sand paint and much more!

Just to share with you our first design of poster for the event! If you interested to be part of it, please contact Penarik Inn for more information. and well it's an Earth Day!

Show some support ya!


New t-shirt design!

beach cleaning sir!

Hi Lovely customer.

Good day...in Penarik Inn, we always keep our place clean especially our precious beach.. After monsoon or heavy wave there were lot of trash like plastic bottle or glass bottle, plastic and many kinds of plastic that really mess the beach.For that...here you go..the beach cleaner!

Well, of course we did our best to preserve a good spot for turtles to lay eggs! . It's also our task to take a good care of our mother nature. 

Will post more and more information about si penyu !


please help us to save our turtle!

Hye lovely customer!

This would be our new mission to save our turtle in Penarik beach. We here had supported the program of saving turtle 2 years ago. Along the years, we supported all WWF activities and really into saving this innocent creatures. We had a turtle sanctuary at our place in Penarik Inn. For our lucky customer they get to see baby turtle and even turtle that can possibly lay eggs at our beach. We clean our beach almost every week just to make sure that turtle will comfortably lay eggs at our beach. On top of that! We also practice use less or none plastic bag everyday.

Well, we are planning to print new t-shirt so that we can give it to people who support us! and even organize more program for not to eat turtle's egg !!

To show your support to us, you can donate to us RM10 each and we will send you the supporter badge!

Like this one!


not more exist!

Hye lovely customer,
Please note that our http://penarikinn.blogspot.com/ is no longer exists and updated!this would be the new one ya!


the images of Penarik Inn

Let's Snorkeling at Batu Bara Island!
RM150 per pax included snorkeling gear, brunch and fishing kerisi trip!
You will certainly enjoy it!

2012 packages

Penarik Inn welcome note!

Hey..Good day to our lovely customer.
Yes to you...

Im Riyad from Penarik Inn..for those who had visit us at Penarik Inn might know me right?
Penarik Inn establish 1992 at Kampung Baru Penarik ,Setiu Terengganu and from bamboo chalet we upgrading the accommodation with the air cond and water heater with the lowest rate RM85 to the highest of RM150

My brother and I have been responsible to manage the place. On the 90's my parents, people used to call them Auntie Ana and Uncle Baha or just Ana and Baha, they are the pioneer who run this place.

Well pretty clear now I kinda replace them to keep this place on track. I Love the place and love the people who came here to rest and enjoy beach life. Hey, we got the most beautiful beach! Who say that? Well I did! Enough say, as a writer and manager of this place I offer a great package to those who wants to have a holidays here and maybe a family day or seminar or candat sotong and fishing trip!Or for those who wants to have their honeymoon, you are most welcome. Enjoy the beach the wind and of course the best hospitality..!

I would post the 2012 package as your reference!